How does an architect invent a plumbing fixture?

I am a container gardener. I just love the environment of the porch, deck, and patio. I don’t, however, love the chore of watering the plants that live there. The Wigot started simply as an effort to make my life easier… I needed to find a way to simply walk out and do the equivalent of turning on a light switch.

How to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’? …literally. Connecting this simple water-path with hard piping, freeze protected components, and the required structural wall depths can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I know. I’m also an architect. (Hence, the ‘sketchbook’.)

house hand sketch

My inspiration comes from a trip to the home center. Hoses and garden valves have gotten incredibly good these days. What if i put them to a completely new use, and the solution is actually outside the house and just used seasonally? That is, the new system is turned on in the spring and turned back off in the fall, just like the lawn sprinklers.

Hoses running like speaker wires – I just might be onto something…

Okay, so I’m going to create a seasonal ‘soft’ water system – one that runs in hoses, and is dry and inactive in the winter. I need a good quality source hose to hide behind the bushes (check – there are many available.) I need a shut-off for my desired location (check – there are great metal ball-valve couplings.) Finally, I need a nice mount to terminate the hose and pass thru to my new shut-off point (problemnothing like that exists!) I know, I tried for months to find something like this to just buy.

water wigot design concept

The architect Louis Sullivan said, “form follows function.” The Water Wigot™ design is just that – the simplest form providing for the function of mounting garden water devices.

I was awarded my patent march 19th, 2013.

So here it is. The Water Wigot™ is a brand new ‘end point’ for garden hoses – to make them act like piping. (I use two Wigots at my house, and I’m never going back to the old way of watering!) And… I also get to spray off bird droppings, clean off my grill, spray off sandy feet, have fire protection at hand, and on and on!

A sincere thank you for visiting the site! If you can ‘hide a hose’ you can have water anywhere you want with the Water Wigot! (the wherever spigot)